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About Us


To enhance knowledge and awareness of Lawand Group’s contemporary packages to owners and potential land owners all over the country and the East African region.


To provide unique and custom made housing and land investment solutions for each and every Kenyan through thought leadership and practice.


To provide project management and financial solutions to individuals, families and companies who have land and have a vision of owning their own home. We also seek to work with interested investors who would like to become landlords but do not have land

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About Lawand Group

We provide strategic advise on how to invest in sustainable housing solutions for individuals who own or have prospects of owning land in Kenya over the next four years

We leverage on our diverse expertise in developing timely and customised project outputs within our three and six months project cycles for the 47 counties in Kenya

We facilitate as well as offer an opportunity for each and every Kenyan to safeguard their future through informed and unique land investment packages in line with the Big 4 agenda and Vision 2030.

What kind of organisation structure does Lawand Group have?
Professional Team

Our team is composed of diverse expertise, passion and drive, harmoniously working for the good of our clients.

Lawand Group Organigram