Who we are
A project management and investment company committed towards enhancing livelihoods through creative and unique housing solutions.

Lawand Group consists of experts who are versed with the Kenyan land ownership and development landscape and are open to guiding YOU towards informed decisions that will not only secure your future but also provide an opportunity for other citizens to benefit from your smart investments.

This expertise is further complemented by Lawand Group’s continuous research and investment in contemporary housing solutions that are not only cost effective but also time friendly and custom made for each investor.

What we do

Land Development

This specifically targets individuals who have pieces of land for developmental purposes but do not have the resources to achieve their objectives.

Project Management

With its wealth of experts, Lawand Group will offer reliable and resolute guidance in your process flows and timelines.

Investment Guidance

Lawand Group is open to providing guidance on the best options that individuals can take based on their prospects.

Our Clients
Our Clients

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Shilbah Building, Ruiru - Kenya. [email protected]

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